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A patent awaited concept

focused on music learning supports through applications 

Inculcate children into learning foundation lessons & practice through a novel colour coded visual concept digitally

Internalize high quality live hi-frequency sounds of harmonium and tanpura - Sruthi (Sur)

Peek into the fundamentals of scales - Ragams (Raag)

Practice talam with colour coded concepts

Support the teaching fraternity with technology & practice content to reach out wider

Music is an exquisite language with 7 alphabets & we believe that every individual is born to sing and enjoy music. Catapult works in the music space, with an objective to reach out to the music fraternity by putting together content & technology.

The extensive research in this field has enabled us to understand the need gap in the space. The intent is to enhance learning methods to make a learner a quality listener, which leads to becoming performers through structured practice over years.


The current music scenario in India is growing, thanks to the media and the huge number of reality shows encouraging the younger generation. There is no hesitation of the current generation to take up music as a career and the trend is positive. The concept has been tested through research modes with inputs from senior vidwans, musicologists, educationalists & child psychologists

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