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Music comes naturally to everyone. But it is not triggered in most people at the most crucial point in their lives. Especially in one’s childhood, he or she can easily cultivate a music habit. Everyone can sing if given the right amount of push along with an atmosphere to learn & sing.


With the above objective Catapult wishes to launch eSWAR muSIKSHA as a part of curriculum for children of classes 2nd till 5th. Music learning helps to trigger the right brain of the child. The major issues for the parents in getting the children close to music are as follows:

1. Proximity of teachers

2. Taking the child to a music school & fetching them back

3. No practice tools & evaluation process

4. Affordability

Thus we wish to take music to the children through the school in a structured format with training aid’s provided to the teachers through music professionals and also practice tools to the children for a closer follow up by the teachers.


Music teaching in general is in aural formats and research indicated that visual forms are paramount to enhance attention span of the children. The practice tools created have been developed in attractive colours in printed & digital formats that make it easy for the children’s imagination capture & retention. These have been tested out with children & their attention span and registration has been really encouraging.

        Primary Students

  • Unpolluted resources

  • Flexible & uncluttered minds

  • Boundary less of any kind

  • Right environment

  • Attentive & mouldable




  • Creativity

  • Discipline

  • Teamwork & coordination

  • Self-confidence & expression

  • Personality & self esteem



  • Opportunity to develop skill and talent early

  • Right student base & infrastructure

  • Learning potential from veterans



  • Visual and structured

  • Logical, Fun & creative

  • Endorsed by renowned musicians

  • User friendly technology



Content Structure

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

1. Sarali varisai, janta varisai
   – 3 speeds

2. 10 simple songs attractive
   and ones that shall help
   student to familiarize with
   sruti & rhythm sense.

3. Workshop / Evaluation

1. Melsthayi, keezhsthayi,
   Dattu varisai &

2. 10 songs.

3. Workshop / Evaluation

1. Swara jathis, geethams,
   note swaras.

2. 10 songs.

3. Workshop / Evaluation

1. Varnams

2. Workshop / Evaluation

3. Certification

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New user interface

Musiksha demo

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The first of its kind patent awaited content load capturing the essence of music foundation targeting the learning fraternity.

e-STR encompasses sruthi, talam and ragam.  Indian music is an amazing probability logic that has been created by scholars thousands of years ago.  The core of Indian music is based on 12 frequencies. The application has got a huge database s below.



(15 frequencies from LOW “a#“ to TOP “C”sruthis with strings PA,MA,NI & SA). For the performers convenience we have created a unique FIXED FINE TUNE for every sruthi with a PLUS & a MINUS divide. For e.g. A “C” would have a –c & a +c


• Live Tanjore tanpura

• Live Miraj tanpura

• Live Sruthi petti / Harmonium (PA, MA & SA)


• 72 melakartha ragas (playing in two speeds and all 15 sruthis)

• 300 janyaragas (playing in two speeds and all 15 sruthis)



178 talams with hand animation that can be played at speeds varying from 40 to 140 beats per minute. The entire content would be handy as a reference and for practice for learners, amateurs and teachers.


+ Misra chapu, Kanda Chapu & Adi Talam)

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